我们的产品符合最严格的质量要求 和测试标准。您可享有:我们为设备提供的5年质保。




24 小时内生产?没问题!

如有需要,我们可在 24 小时内为所有产品系列生产标准增量式和绝对式编码器的单个设备。



Delivery times and service
Delivery times and service

of Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

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Active product life cycle management

... always up to date

Numerous advantages result for you as a user of our products from our active, far-reaching product life cycle management (PLM), which we conduct in close contact with all parties involved in the supply chain - with our suppliers, but also in direct dialogue with you, our customers!

PLM is a central component of our very comprehensive quality management system and our absolute customer orientation.

It supports us - and thus you - in our efforts to achieve zero-defect tolerance and investment security. So you can be sure that your goals are also our goals.

Below are some common goals that are both a commitment and an motivation for us:

  • To bring your products (systems/machines/...) to market faster and achieve improvements in results, i.e. reduce the time-to-market.
  • To support your products (plant, machines, ...) with better services; up to complementary business models.
  • Reduce costs in the areas of warehousing, material, production or service.
  • Recognize errors and weaknesses early on and reduce customer complaints.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date and transparent data and information status in every phase of life for market-suitable decisions, as well as communicating appropriately and on time.
  • Use the findings and high data quality for further investments and customer satisfaction.

Product changes and product discontinuations

... early and comprehensive information

We inform you in time and completely about important changes in our product portfolio.

Product changes are a sign of optimization and innovation.

In the case of a product change (PCN, Product Change Notification) or product discontinuation (PDN, Product Discontinuation Notification), we usually inform you at least twelve months before realization and end of delivery.

In any case, we offer our customers the possibility to order one last time (LTB, Last Time Buy). The goods are delivered as a one-time total delivery or in agreed delivery sizes on desired dates.

To ensure that the changeover runs smoothly, Wachendorff suggests a compatible alternative product. Sales and application advice are available as competent contact partners.

Other important parameters that we pass on with regard to the phase-out are discontinuation of sales (ENS, End Of Sale), discontinuation of production (EOP, End Of Production), last delivery (LTD, Last Time Delivery), discontinuation of service, maintenance and repair (EOSR, End Of Service and Repair).

If you have any questions, hints or wishes concerning our products and services, you can contact any of our employees! Contact person