Incremental encoder WDGN

36 mm to 58 mm housing and up to 16,384 ppr configurable via Smartphone

  • Due to high quality electronics any number of pulses up to 16,384 via NFC configurable
  • HTL/TTL via NFC configurable
  • Protection class IP67, at shaft input IP65 or IP67/IP69K
  • High output frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection at 4.75 VDC to 32 VDC

The new series of WDGN incremental encoders allow you to configure any number of pulses from 1 ppr to 16,384 ppr via NFC. Depending on the Basic or Advanced version, other parameters can be set.

Simply download the App to your smartphone, set the desired parameters and configure the encoder without contact or without supplied power, even through the packaging.

You have the possibility to adapt the encoder quickly and intuitively to your individual application. Once the configurations of an encoder have been created, they can be saved with different names, load them again at any time and transfer them to another encoder. This allows stored configuration sets to be used for the encoder in different applications. After entering the PIN you can read out the configuration set of an encoder at any time, save it, share it and continue using it for other encoders. For security we use the principle of PIN and PUK, like with your mobile phone provider.

Special requirements, no problem

You have very special requirements and needs for instance 3 channels, but each channel should have a different number of pulses, this is no problem for the WDGN encoder. Therefore we have developed the WDGN in the advanced version for you.

Compared to the basic, which is a standard incremental encoder with the channels A, B, N and the inverted ones, where channels A and B have the same number of pulses, you can configure each channel individually with the advanced version. There are even 4 channels with the corresponding inverted outputs available.

Safety has top priority

Special attention was given to data security. All data transmitted via NFC is encrypted. Unauthorised configuration of the encoder is not possible without the correct password. The user receives a conformation after transfer.

Your advantages

You are a machine builder and your machines have different requirements for incremental encoders:

You stock your WDGN encoder type and configure it individually during commissioning, during assembly or just when commissioning the machine on site.

You are in the development phase and are not sure with which pulse number your machine will run perfectly. The WDGN gives you the right flexibility to set your machine to the optimum. Once the configuration is fixed, you will receive the encoder without NFC antenna in exactly the same technology and do not need a second qualification.

Optimal spare parts, logistics and warehouse management for you and also your customers, goes world-wide without internet connection, as soon as you, your dealers or your maintenance staff have installed the free app. Never again send the wrong pulse number.

Via Smartphone (NFC) configurable:


  • ABN and inverted channels
  • HTL / TTL selectable 
  • 1 ppr to 16,384 ppr selectable

Advanced (ADV): 

  • 4 channels and inverted (ABN possible)
  • HTL / TTL selectable
  • 1 ppr to 16,384 ppr selectable
  • Pulses per revolution individually selectable for each channel
  • Zero position via NFC or input settable
  • Width and position of pulses adjustable

The product family of the encoder WDGN offers you a very high resolution of up to 16,384 ppr in a very compact design from 36 mm in the application. This means that high-precision measurements can be realized in the smallest installation space.

The compact design and its robust stainless steel housing give the encoders, depending on the type, the high protection class IP67, at the shaft input IP65 or IP67+IP69K. The all-voltage range from 4.75 VDC to 32 VDC leaves nothing to be desired and has reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Depending on the product type, up to 300 N shaft load is possible. The series consists of shaft and end hollow shaft encoders, with typical diameters of 36 mm and 58 mm, with mounting options common in the industry.

WDGN incremental encoders, configurable via NFC, are based on patented magnetic sensor technology with the highest accuracy and resolution.
Due to the wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C and the high resistance to other environmental stresses, such as vibration and shock, the encoders with connector outlet are also ideally suited for use in off-road vehicles.
The encoders can be supplied with an M12 connector outlet or 2 m cable outlet and a radial or axial outlet, optimally adapting to the mounting conditions.

Encoders configurable via Smartphone (NFC):

More incremental encoders configurable via NFC:  To the products

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