LMSCA the ultra compact and robust length measuring system

including encoder WDGP 36A and 200 mm measuring wheel

  • Space-saving and reliable complete system for position, speed and length
  • Up to 0.0125 mm/pulse for excellent measurement results
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Absorbent mounting
  • Contact pressure – easily adaptable by intelligent central adjustment
  • Quickly mounted and adjusted

The patented tooth grid has been developed for simple and definite mounting for a longer service life. The LMSCA is rigidly mounted using the multiple mounting options, with the measuring wheel placed loosely on the moving material. The teeth are loosened with only one central screw, which is secure against loss, and a defined force of the measuring wheel is applied to the material with the tooth grid.


Compared to other systems without this method, it depends on the skill of the assembler how much force is applied to the material. Depending on the surface of the material, you want to select the contact pressure as high as possible in order to exclude possible slippage and, on the other hand, you don’t want to damage the material or the surface of the measuring wheel. With the toothing, you can give the technician a clear specification of how high the contact pressure should be, with up to 20 N in steps of 5 N. The spiral spring design ensures that the contact pressure is as high as required to avoid possible slippage.

The designed spiral spring ensures that the set contact pressure is permanently applied and also elegantly compensates for larger unevenness and ensures contact with the material at all times.

Depending on the desired area of application, the system with its detailed solutions offers some great benefits.

Small, compact and very accurate:

The LMSCA is only 120 mm long and equipped with a 36 mm diameter rotary encoder. The rotary encoder can provide (depending on the order number) 1 ppr up to 16,384 ppr and thus supplies the right number of pulses for your application. The LMSCA length measuring system achieves a resolution of up to 0.0125 mm/pulse.  Alternatively, as an absolute encoder with the patented QuattroMag singleturn technology and EnDra - multiturn technology, the encoder can send e.g. CAN messages, RS 485 or SSI signals.


Can be mounted anywhere:

The encoder is fixed by a clamp, which allows the connector outlet to be positioned as desired. The encoder has a radial connector outlet. A mounting bracket with 2 elongated holes and a cross hole offers every freedom to mount the LMSCA perfectly.


Suitable for any surface:

The measuring wheels with a circumference of 145/200 mm have different surfaces for use on all materials, such as plastic, PVC, painted surfaces, paper, cardboard, metal, textiles, carpet, rubber, foil, etc. with a contact pressure of up to 20 N in 5 N increments that can be precisely adjusted via the grid for optimum protection of the material vs. contact pressure.


Can be used everywhere:

The robust construction and the durable and stable bearing of the swing arm and the encoder are designed for a wide range of applications. Wherever a speed or position is to be measured, such as on an assembly line, in continuous production/measurement or in reversing movements at greater distances, the LMSCA is suitable as a reliable sensor.

  • In-line speed measurement for high quality marking of wood, cardboard boxes or packaged food or medicines with e.g. Date Code, Expired Date, Lot, etc.
  • In-line speed measurement for quality monitoring with cameras of e.g. foils, carpets, cables, laminates, pipes, décor.
  • In-line distance measurement for the determination of volume and tons with an additional sensor, e.g. for parcel services or in quarries.
  • In-line speed measurement for gluing cardboard boxes or foils
  • Speed and position measurement for storage and retrieval machines can also be realised with a pinion and a toothed rail

The compact LMSCA has a high protection class of IP67, at the shaft input IP65, is supplied with 4.75 to 32 VDC, delivers ABN and inverted signals in TTL or HTL or CAN, J1939, SSI or RS485 and can be connected via an M12 connector.

Quickly mounted – directly on the machine

... the LMSCA22 length measuring system

Easily mountable – with pre-assembled angle

... the LMSCA32 length measuring system

用长度测量系统LMS MA精确定位

可选增量或绝对值WDGI / WDGA编码器

  • 节省空间、可靠的完整系统用于位置、速度和长度测量
  • 高达0.008mm/脉冲(增量,完整的系统)或
  • 适用于各种表面材质
  • 快速安装和调整











  • 弹簧杆压力可调
  • 对不同的表面,有不同材质的测量轮可选
  • 分辨率从1.0至0.008mm/脉冲可选(增量,完整的系统)





新开发的手轮,其将360°以10° /格的分辨率划分,能校准36个位置。与角度支架的延长孔组合,将有更多的空间进行安装。














Perfect grip and extremely low concentrical tolerance

The length measuring system LMSMA with the measuring
wheel KW (Adapter for encoder with conical shaft) 

has been specially developed for applications requiring very low concentrical tolerance.

The optimised system has up to 10 times better concentrical tolerance than a standard length measuring system and is therefore suitable for applications requiring very high accuracy. In combination with our high-resolution incremental encoders an unbeatable team.

用长度测量系统LMS LA12精确定位标记系统

  • 节省空间的完整系统
  • 卓越的打印设计,归功于0.008 mm/脉冲的分辨率
  • 各种测量轮适用于不同的测量表面
  • 极高的线性补偿
新的测量系统LMSLA12 是经过完美的调整,预安装的一套完整的系统,可用于喷码打标和贴标的场合。





  • IP65/IP67 防护,WDGI编码器设计并适用各种恶劣的使用环境
  • 轴向最大允许负载220N,测量系统可以安全安装,不易打滑并有很大的预紧力
  • 编码器是8芯接插件连接,请选择合适的电缆连接器,比如KI867直头或者KIA867弯头连接器
  • 经过专门挑选的不同的测量轮表面确保了在各种应用场合下不易打滑的特性,甚至是在很高的生产速度下。
  • 编码器的支架是专门开发的,带2个槽孔可用于灵活安装
  • 与高达25000ppr的高分辨率WDGI编码器的组合可以实现异常高的重复精度(0.008mm/pluse)确保了标记位置的精度。